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Duration: 13:33 Min.
HD 1080p 24fps, screeners available as DCP and Quicktime File (ProRes as .mov or H264 encoded file in .mp4 container)
Dialogues: german with english subtitles
stereo sound

Bao and Lili live at Bamboo Temple Street, a street that marks the border between the houses of wealthy upperclass people and the barracks of poor migrant workers. Despite this social inequality the two girls develop a clandestine and silent friendship. One day Bao decides to show Lili her friendship and leaves her parents house to find her friend. The film is based on childhood memories of director Baoying Bilgeri.

Baoying Bilgeri
Born and raised in China, Baoying Bilgeri works and lives since 2003 in Germany. As animation director and animator she tells very personal stories based on her own experiences and childhood memories. Bao´s personal background as a graphic designer has a strong influence on the visual appearance of her films. Her films got screened on Festivals worldwide.   

Character Design
Baoying Bilgeri
A production of
Baoying Bilgeri und Lukas Thiele GbR
Producer Lukas Thiele
Compositing Thomas Kaufmann
Baoying Bilgeri
Tobias Bilgeri
Lukas Thiele
Illustration Michael Meier
Composer Thomas Höhl
Sound Design / Mix
Tobias Böhm
Christian Wittmoser
Bao Mascha Hölscher
Lili Anna Küch
Mother Valeska Weber
Father Bernd Hölscher
Teacher Eva-Maria Keller
Boy Till Otto Schulze
Other boy
Wowa Weber
Piano Thomas Höhl
Funded by
World Sales Magnet Film, Berlin


Soundtrack Cologne

Internationales Trickfilmfestival Stuttgart ITFS
ANIMAFEST World Festival of Animated Film, Zagreb
Annecy International Animated Film Festival, Annecy
Animator Poznan
Shorts at Moonlight open air, Frankfurt
Anibar, Peja, Kosovo
REX Animation Film Festival, Stockholm
Anima Mundi, Rio/Sao Paulo
KLIK Amsterdam Animation Festival
Taichung International Animation Festival, Taiwan
Mumbai Film Festival
Wissembourg International Film Festival
KINOdiseea - International Children Film Festival, Bukarest
Leeds International Film Festival
Cinessonne Festival, Essonne
Kasseler Dokumentarfilm- und Videofest
Animateka International Animated Film Festival, Ljubljana